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Crazy Software of Crazy Ideas

Crazy Nexus is the combination of software development and idea management. Crazy because I go new ways and existing is steadily improving.

Crazy Nexus is the idea management, software development and project management. One contact for your ideas from the initial idea to the finished product.

Crazy Inventory

You are looking for an app which supports your manual inventory? Here it is! It will reduce effort and error rate at manual inventories! more

Crazy Document

You are much on the road and sell as an external sales person to your customers. For this you need business documents, which you create with Crazy Document! more


Did you ever forget to close a window in your apartment? In summer no problem but in winter leads it to cold rooms and you need a long time to warm it up again. more


Need your money for other things than for fuel, then How2Go is the right app to help you here. more


Apps with accessibility for Williams-Beuren-Syndrom affected. more


Every idea is a new Start

My concept is the holistic view from the idea of the project to implementation. At the beginning of each project, the basis for success or failure will be determined. It will be developed on the software requirements and objectives.
The result is an accurate description of the idea and includes the layout and functionality.

Success is determined by the user

Success is defined by the added value to the users of the software solution. He can choosing in a wide range of software solutions. He thinks self-centered and uses exactly the software that brings him the greatest benefit.
Therefore, in all my projects, the end-user is the center and is involved in all phases of development with. Only then is it possible to bridge the gap between the demands and a software solution.

When the idea comes to life

It is important that the user can perform its tasks with little effort. In order to give the user the feeling to have the best solution for his problem, a strategy needs to be developed. The solution should solve more issues than it creates.
For this reason, we always start in developing the user interface and going down to bring the function to life.


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Crazy Inventory

Simply Count Everything!

Crazy Document

Documents always and everywhere!


Proper ventilation and save energy!


The app to save fuel!


Apps with accessibility for WBS affected