The earth's resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Last but not least, it shows in the current fuel price. The more important is the meaningful use of the remaining resources and protects your wallet.

This idea arose when I often wondered if I should now complete the upcoming trip by car or public transport. The aim of the solution is a small application that relieves me of this decision.

The project is designed for the iPhone. It should be taken with as few inputs a reliable statement whether the upcoming trip should better be done by public transport or your own vehicle.

This project is build for iPhone (and iPad). It provides a quick decission by a few values to enter. The calculation in background can be don in two different ways. First is a quick and fast way by maintaining the proce of gasoline, the distance, the average fuel consumption and the price of public transportation. In case you want a mor detailed result, you can maintaining costs for insurance, car tax and service per year. Furthermore the app can calculate the depreciation if you enter the purchase price, the year of construction and the average mileage per year. Based on this values and a assumption that a car lives 12.4 years, the app calculates the depreciation per kilometer or mile. After 12.4 years the app assumes that the residual value is 0. The purchase price of your car is to depreciate within the usage time of your car. All values are facts for your additional costs. You can choos if you want to make your decission based on simple costs or including expenses.

The project was implemented for the iPhone and you can download the app from the App Store. You can use the link from this website. The app requires at least iOS 6 and is adapted for the bigger screen of the iPhone 5.

If you find any errors or need support, you can open a ticket in my support tool or send me an e-mail. You can find the links in the sidebar.